2nd September 2009
Audi Logo Refreshed!
The folks at Audi has given their logo a well earned makeover and about time too. Don't get me wrong it's a damn fine logo and has done them proud but it didn't quite have the sparkle to match their high quality model range. The last time Audi updated their logo was way back in 1990 so it was well due a overhaul.

Although the changes to the logo are minimal, it has given it a more modern 3D look which certainly brings it up to scratch.
1st September 2009
We all knew the fuel duty increase was coming, if you passed a petrol station yesterday you would have seen the crowds of motorists filling their tanks before the 2p hike kicked in. Well, that is actually 2.3 pence once you whack the VAT on top! This now brings the average cost of a litre of diesel to 107.9 pence and it's not going to stop there if the price of oil continues in it's sky high direction.

So why do we pay so much at the petrol pumps? OK, oil prices have made a turn upwards but the main reason is TAX. The actual product "Petrol" or "Diesel" is only about 25% of the cost. 8% is taken by the retailer and delivery firms but the rest goes to the government via "Duty" and VAT.

So my question would be, how is that money spent? After the massive MP expenses scandal does anyone have faith that out tax pound is properly managed?
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