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Evans Halshaw is an offically franchised Ford dealership in Motherwell, offering you a high quality service from the motoring industry. Weather you need a service or MOT for your Ford or looking to buy a New/Used Ford, why not give Evans Halshaw a call today for more information.

Branch Address:
Evans Halshaw
221 Windmillhill Street

Contact Details:
Tel: 01698 244200
Fax: 01698 244209
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If youíre looking for a Ford Dealer in Motherwell just remember Evans Halshaw!
  • Quality new and used cars from a reputable Ford dealership in Motherwell.
  • Regular vehicle servicing and maintenance is essential for keeping your car running efficiently and safely, so get your car serviced in Motherwell with Evans Halshaw.
  • Professional and helpful advice from your Motherwell Ford dealership.
Evans Halshaw Reviews
1 Stars
Paul Booth
Paul Booth
Be careful!!
Bought a '59' Plate Mondeo from these a while ago. I live quite a distance from the showroom so price etc was agreed prior to me travelling up. Was told the car was in mint condition. Arrived to find badly scuffed alloys, dodgy paint work on front and rear bumpers, and passenger door that had been resprayed. Not happy to say the least! And for a 6 month old car this is not the way it should be. I am fortunate that I have contacts that could sort the car properley for me for a fraction of normal retail rates but still I should have been told that before travelling. Spoke to the sales manager and he stated he would arrange for the car to go into my local evans halshaw to get the problems sorted. After ringing my contacts I went ahead with the deal. Got car booked in for alloys to be refurbed and paintwork sorted. Car came back, not a full refurb on the wheels, just a repair of damaged areas and all they did to the paint was polish it! After getting no-where with them i admitted defeat and got the bumpers and door sprayed properly. So all I would suggest is be careful with them. Someone could of easily overlooked these things (well maybe not the wheels) whilst looking in a tight garage forecourt and when it is finally spotted it could be too late. Also found somepaper work in car, a receipt in car from indicating they may have bought car from a cheaper car supermarket?
Review Posted: 1st September 2011
5 Stars
Colin McDougall
Colin McDougall
Ford is the looser
My last ford bought was from Windmill St showroom. When i went to collect and sign for car the agreement was not what we had agreed on the salesman went into his office and immediately returned with our agreement, i believe the salesman was being made to try this on by his manager, i also got stung for a bottle of shampoo (diamondbrite) which the salesman had previously told me that it was free. Only time i go in is to waste the salesmans time.
Review Posted: 15th December 2010
1 Stars
Dick Turpin Wannabees
After dealing with these "Arthur Daleys" I would advise anyone thats thinking about visiting to have your wits about you before going as they will try their upmost to fleece you dry. I was in the process of buying a £6500 2nd hand car, which I wanted on HP..time and time again I told them I needed it on HP and they assured me my contract would be HP. On the day I was to finalise my contract I noticed my credit agreement wasnt HP and was actually a personal loan which would have left me with a hefty debt if I ever tried to trade the car in. I questioned the agreement and they still had the cheek to say it WAS a higher purchase agreement. I then asked to see the so called buisness manager who was very reluctant to talk to wonder he didnt want to speak to me because they had been lying to me through their crooked teeth all along!!! The buisness manager eventually admitted it WAS a personal loan told me he would try and get it changed to HP for me. All in all..the terms of the agreement for a £6500 2nd hand peugeot 307 would have cost me OVER £10,000 on a personal loan..and if I ever tried to trade it in after 2 years or so I would still have to pay the personal loan they were so trying to get me to sign. ABSOLUTE cautious, very cautious about dealing with these crooks!
Review Posted: 21st August 2010

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